Performance Assurance &
Comprehensive Calibration Analysis
Phillips Corporation

Does your facility need to:

  • Improve machine reliability and tolerance?
  • Decrease cost of replacement parts?
  • Decrease unscheduled machine downtime?
  • Provide and ease-of-use for reactive service and needed replacement parts?
  • Better spares inventory management?
  • Maintain machine accuracy and repeatability to reduce costly scrap?
  • Meet ISO, QS, and ASME B5.54 traceability requirements?

Performance Assurance

Having trouble machine tools available for production is a continuing challenge for most facilities. Phillips Corporation recognizes this challenge and is offering you a proven Performance Assurance (PA) program. The primary goal of a PA is to prevent your equipment from failure and to enhance the equipment's reliability by scheduled inspection and required word parts replacement before failure occurs. The PA ensures that the machine tool is optimized to meet original factory specifications thus improviing the efficiency, reliability, and continued accuracy.

Comprehensive Calibration Analysis

With ever increasing quality demands, lean manufacturing practices along with the technologically driven manufacturing world, requires the most accurate machining and manufacturing practices. Phillips Corporation is offering our Comprehensive Calibration Analysis (CCA) program, which analyzes machine performance and brings the tolerances and repeatability back to factory specifications. This program results in higher part quality and lower maintenance costs. In addition, our CCA supports external tracking requirements required by certifications such as the following:

ASME B5.54