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We are pleased to offer our valued customers a comprehensive Machine Performance Evaluation Program performed by our Engineers. Protect your investment and maximize your productivity by taking advantage of this program designed to optimize your machine’s performance.

Machine Performance Evaluation

The following is a list of items addressed at every performance evaluation.

  •   Mechanical Systems
  •   Lubrication Systems
  •   Pneumatic Systems
  •   Electrical Systems
  •   Gib Adjustment
  •   Ballbar Diagnosis
  •   Laser Performance2

Checklist for Mechanical Systems

  • Check Machine Level
  • Verify Spindle Tram
  • Check Spindle Lube and Air Blast1
  • Check Spindle Orient Alignment
  • Inspect Spindle Taper condition
  • Drawbar Dynamometer Test
  • Spindle Run-out Test
  • Check Draw Bar Stroke for correct Tool Knockout dimension
  • Check ATC Tool Change operation
  • Inspect ATC System
  • Lubricate ATC Mechanism Bearings1
  • Inspect Spindle / Axis Drive Belt1
  • Inspect lines, hoses and cables
  • Inspect way cover wipers

Checklist for Lubrication Systems

  • Clean filters1
  • Inspect lines and fittings
  • Verify all lubrication systems/pump operation

Checklist for Pneumatic Systems

  • Clean filters
  • Check pressure/adjust regulator
  • Inspect system for leaks

Checklist for Electrical Systems

  • Inspect and clean Spindle Sensor1
  • Clean electrical cabinet
  • Check voltages
  • Inspect connections/terminals
  • Inspect grounds
  • Check safety interlocks1

Checklist for Gib Adjustment

  • Adjustment of Gibs to maintain axis rigidity and accuracy
  • This pertains to OKK Box Way Machines only

Ballbar Diagnosis

Gives an overall assessment of machine performance (circularity), but in addition, provides an automatic diagnosis of specific machine positioning errors.

  • Initial Ballbar diagnosis to verify the mechanical integrity of the customer’s machine(s) utilizing the QC20W Ballbar from Renishaw
  • Fix Phase where any mechanical repairs, if needed, will be done in house by Jeffreys Technicians to return the customer’s machine(s) to factory performance specifications
  • Verification by Ballbar diagnosis to verify effective correction of any discrepancies

Laser Performance Evaluation2

To enhance machine accuracy, Laser Performance Evaluation services are also available. Utilizing the Renishaw XL80 Laser System, linear accuracy is verified and positioning errors can be compensated for, if necessary.

  • Laser Compensation of linear positioning inaccuracies utilizing our state-of-the-art Renishaw XL80 Laser Equipment
  • Verification of Laser Compensation diagnosis and associated compensation to verify effective correction of any linear positioning inaccuracies
  • Full documentation of all test results are provided

1If service is applicable 2There is an additional cost for Laser Performance Evaluation

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