“Phillips Corporation works with For Pete’s Sake because our company doesn’t just want to make contributions, we want to make a difference.”

– Alan Phillips, President of Phillips Corporation


Phillips Corporation partners with For Pete's Sake in 2011 to create the Pete's Partners program. This program is a comprehensive collaboration between any private company and FPS. It was designed as a way to increase employee morale, encourage a strong community and help cancer patients and their families take a break from cancer. Company employees can make a monthly contribution to FPS, which is then matched by the employer up to a certain dollar value. Employees are also engaged at a personal level with volunteer opportunities to support FPS, such as drives to collect items useful for FPS families, fundraisers with customers and colleagues, and more.

Phillips Corporation encourages all employees to participate in the Pete's Partners program, with audacious plans to increase involvement and contributions company-wide.

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